Not Too Far Gone

Stonepoint Member

I realized today,

In a quiet way,

As I sat in Your presence.

I am too far gone
For my own feet to save me
For my own effort to rescue my soul.
Too far into You
To ever look back.
Too far into Home
To ever want any less.
Yet the pain runs deep,
Claws pierce deeper than my heart can feel.
“Would you hold me while the waves rock me to sleep” says that song.
And Your kindness leads me to repent, to turn, to turn away from sin.
Nothing left to offer of myself.
I’m too far gone to fix myself.
I need You to welcome me back
Like the prodigal son to his father.
The father ran to meet his son. He saw the boy in the distance and ran.
Compassion filled the father’s heart.
And Your heart, Father, is even deeper waters.
Compassion and love fill your heart. You run to meet me as I come, in shame, back to You.
I try to offer my service.
“Make me one of your slaves,” I say.
I’ve planned it out awhile ago, what I would tell You.
But you wrap Your arms around me.
Kiss me on the cheek.
Wrap a robe around me.
Place a gold ring on my hand.
Welcome me as a son.
Celebrate my arrival with a feast.
I am home. Home in You.
I am free.

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