Working in the Dark

Bob Mayo, Stonepoint Member

I had a strange thing happen to me this morning. At least it was strange to me. I’ve been praying off and on for a week or so, for God to give me an idea to write about, but I was getting nothing. Today, I got up about five minutes before my alarm went off. As I was getting ready for work, my radio alarm came on as usual. Most of the time I just turn it off but since I was already up and starting to get ready, I just let it go. As I was getting ready, one of the morning show people told a story about the Secretary of State. It wasn’t really about her; it was about her speech writer. You see, the Secretary was supposed to speak at a college graduation ceremony. But because she couldn’t make it, she sent the speech writer who had actually written her speech. When he started speaking, he mentioned the usual about how he knew the audience would be disappointed that the Secretary couldn’t make it. And he also said he was as surprised as any of them that he was given the assignment. But his reasoning wasn’t just because he got the assignment. He admitted to the audience that this would probably be the first and last time he ever was out “in front” like he was on that day. He went on to explain and said that he is one of those people who “works in the dark,” behind the scenes. Then he said something that really hit me. He said, for people who work in the dark, their achievements go unseen. In other words, the average person in an audience is not even aware of them or of what they achieve.

This got me to thinking about things. How much do we (or for that matter, I) just take the service of God’s people for granted? I was trying to keep myself out of this blog but I need to give you a little background. For about 18 years of my time here at the ministry, I have been what we call a Department Coordinator. I had varied responsibilities and most of what I did was visible to our leaders. Then a couple years ago, because of a need, I was asked take another job that I had been helping with on a part-time basis. I worked there for just about a year then was asked to move again to another department. In both these changes the first thing I had to adjust to was that I was now an unseen person here in the ministry. Few people knew what I did and what my “accomplishments” were. For the first time in most of my 40 year work career, I became a person who works in the dark. To be honest, for a while my pride got in the way and I struggled with this. I was used of having a lot of varied responsibilities and in all honesty worked in a lot of chaos at times. Now my job seemed dull and routine. But during this time, I was also in the middle of going through re:generation and by God’s grace, I began to see my problem. Yes, it was nothing more than that my pride was hurt. Over time God showed me my sin. I was able, again by His grace, to confess it and my attitude slowly changed.

Now, back to what I want to write about. As I think about this, there are many people who work in the dark. They aren’t less important than those who “get all the glory.” In fact, they actually make things happen that allows other people can get the glory. Just in our ministry I think of people like Mark, Shareen and Savannah who have important jobs but rarely get in the light. The same is true for many who serve here at Stonepoint. People who serve the coffee and work in the children’s ministry or work in the audio-visual area (I think the AV people only get noticed when they make a mistake during the church service). But there can be a problem that many people who work in the dark can have. And the problem can go unnoticed unless God makes us aware of it. That problem is pride and it can make us angry and bitter over our situation. Even though we have surrendered our lives to Christ and want to humbly serve Him, our flesh is still with us. That’s what happened to me and for some time, I struggled with it. But because of our “new life in Christ” we don’t have to let our pride rule us. We have the power of the Gospel that can overcome that. We can repent and humble ourselves to God as it says in the book of James: “But He gives more grace. Therefore it says, ‘God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.’” (James 4:6). And, “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will exalt you. (James 4:10). Over time, God brought me to the point of repentance and humility in my life over my situation. I began to see that God had reasons for putting me where I am. Who am I to question that? I am honestly grateful for what God did and the glory of all that goes to Him alone.

So, this is my tribute to those many unnamed people who humbly serve our Lord with little or no recognition. You are so valuable to the Body of Christ! Thank you so much for your humble and service to our Lord. Let us throw off our pride and just serve Him with all our hearts. If you work in the kitchen of some ministry, do it with all your heart. If you make coffee and serve donuts (didn’t that used to be doughnuts?) serve them to the glory of our Lord. He will be pleased and he will exalt you in His time. So, serve on, brothers and sisters of the dark, our Lord is with you and is pleased with your service to Him!! God bless you all!


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