Psalm 146–The Lord is Our Help!

Bob Mayo, Stonepoint Member

Recently I read Psalm 146 and was truly blessed by it. I thought I would share some of those blessings in this blog post. Psalm 146 is only 10 verses long but it’s so full of God’s blessings to us in those verses. It starts out with a familiar phrase in Psalms: PRAISE THE LORD!  But by the time you get to verse 5 it talks about His care for us and some of the reasons we should praise Him.

First, the Psalmist tells us who NOT put our trust in. In verse 3 and 4 it says don’t bother putting your trust in man, even “princes” which is another way of saying man at his best. Princes and kings were looked up to by the people in Biblical times. The truth is, at best, man is unreliable, mortal and fleeting. He will one day return to the earth and that is the end of him. There is no salvation in man. But in verse 5 the Psalmist tells us who we can put our trust in. “Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD his God.” God is the God of the undeserving. Jacob was not a strong, god-following righteous man. He was a sneak and a plotter. But God had mercy on Him and used him to father the 12 tribes of Israel. God called Himself, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He works through imperfect people like Jacob, you and me. Praise God!

From here on I would like to look at a few things from 7-9: in verse 7 there are three aspects of God reveals to us that we should praise Him for:

  • He is an advocate to the Helpless-He sees that the righteous are vindicated. We may not see His vindication when we want it, but it will come. For us, when we come to the place where we admit to God that we are helpless, He will be our advocate. In other words, He has our backs. Indeed, Jesus is already our advocate to the Father on our behalf.
  • He is our Provider-Verse 7 says He gives food to the hungry. He not only gives physical to us but He also gives spiritual food. He is the only God who can fully satisfy. The Question we need to ask ourselves is, how hungry are we? Are we hungry enough to look to Him only for our needs?  He is the only One who can satisfy them.
  • God is the great Emancipator-He sets the captives free. He gives freedom from those under human oppression even while they may still be in prison. But He also gives us freedom from the chains of sin, from the world, from bondage of the devil and from selfish living. He gives complete and true freedom. If there is ever a verse for us in Regeneration, it is PS 146:7.

In verse 8, the Psalmist talks about two more areas that we should praise Him:

  • He is the Sight Giver-or said another way, He gives sight to the blind. Blindness can be physical, mental or spiritual. Some are born blind, some become blind by accident but of more importance for most of us, some are blind by choice. We are blind because we make a choice to be. God can be fully satisfying, but unless we make a choice to let him give us sight, it won’t happen. If I were to give any advice for this I would recommend that we spend time in His Word. We need to read His Word prayerfully, with repentance and with the desire to obey what we read. The world may mock at this, but that makes no difference. God’s Word needs to be our guide.
  • He is the lifter of those who are bowed down-we get weighted down by worry, affliction, trouble and sorrow. In my work at the ministry I receive phone calls and emails from people who are weighed down by afflictions and sorrows. Sometimes my heart breaks at what I hear or read. I always pray for those who contact me and add them to my prayer list. It continues to grow and in many ways, has become a side ministry for me. But I’m finding it not to be a burden but a privilege. God is the lifter, not me. I can only intercede to God on their behalf. My efforts are weak at best. But God lifts up!

So, we come to verse 9 that brings out a couple more aspects of God’s love and care for us. One part of this verse brought some thoughts that are personal to me because of some dear people who are in my opinion, God’s hands and arms to help exiles.

  • He is the protector of the Sojourner– You and I are sojourners here this earth. But also in our world today, we have sojourners all over the globe. They are fleeing for their lives from wars and persecution. Some are in Greece, Germany and other countries. Wherever they are, God is interested in their welfare. Jesus talks about this in Matthew 25, verse 35 where He says, “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”

I have several friends who work in this area. Some of their names are Melody, Micayla, Brenda, Rachel and Emily. Yes, I do have guy friends too but you know what, for the most part they don’t do what these young ladies are doing. I’m sure all of them would like to be married and are tempted at times to live the normal American Christian life. But they have made a choice to take a different path in their lives. Three of the five are past students at our school here at the ministry, one is the sister of a one of our graduates and one applied for our school but God called her elsewhere. These are all young ladies whom the Lord has called to show the love of Christ sojourners, and they have done that to His glory. Two have been working in Greece, one in a Middle East country, one in Germany and one in Cambodia. Through their humble service, they make me feel proud to know them and humbled to be considered their friend. I pray for them often.

  • He is a friend to the fatherless and widow (and all others who have no human help)-Some of us may find ourselves at least partly in this situation. In my job at GFA, I hear from a lot of widows and a few widowers. In their emails and phone calls, I can hear and feel their pain and loneliness. I pray for them but more importantly I know that God cares about them and by His grace He will take care of them.

Well, that takes us to the end of our quick journey through Psalm 146. Please take a few minutes to read this Psalm. Then just take time to praise and thank God for all His love and care for us. Blessings to you!!

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