Give Me Jesus

Bob Mayo, Stonepoint Member

I had a little bit of a different weekend this past week. For one thing, I have this friend named Sarah. Another friend of Sarah’s bought her an airline ticket to come down here for the weekend. Now, that’s a good friend! Anyway, I figured I would not have an opportunity to see Sarah, but there was an open house on Saturday afternoon. Even though I was busy on Saturday, I decided I needed to stop by and see Sarah.

As with most open-house events, there were several people there but we got to visit for a little while. Sarah, is now a 25-year-old young lady who came down to GFA for our School of Discipleship when she was 18. That is when I first met her. She graduated and decided to come back on staff and over time, we became friends.

It’s funny, I guess. But when I got home from the open-house, I started thinking back a little and took myself back to my wife, Alice’s memorial service in 2013 that was held at GFA. It was a pretty hard time for me but the ministry did a great job of preparing the service so I wouldn’t have to. About the only thing I had to do, as I remember, was to ask someone to do the music. I’m not sure why, but I thought of Sarah who back then was a younger lady who had just turned 21. I asked Sarah to pick out a couple of songs that she might think appropriate, but did ask her to please sing Give Me Jesus. I left the rest up to her. As I was thinking about things after the open-house, I thought what a great young lady, Sarah was to do that. Sarah is very musically talented but being such a young lady at that time, I think I put some pressure on her. We never talked about it. She just said she would do it and my only other task was to show up at the service. I remember sitting there when Sarah started singing this song. I had to choke back tears and keep my composure because at the end of the service I was supposed to say a few words. I got through it and was very thankful to Sarah and the ministry for their help with the memorial service.

Give Me Jesus!! I have liked that song ever since I first saw Fernando Ortega sing it during a concert at a large Baptist church in here in Plano. But it’s funny, I haven’t thought about it for some time. But seeing Sarah brought it back to my mind for some reason. It’s a simple song, really. There are only three short verses: one starts with “In the morning when I rise…”; the second verse says: “and when I am alone…” and the third starts out with “and when I come to die…” and they all end with Give me Jesus. It is truly glorious in its simplicity! Give me Jesus. Is He enough! Does our heart want to burst at the thought of Him?

I can’t say that was always the case for me, but lately, but lately I am becoming aware of all that Jesus is. I have sometimes asked myself, “If Jesus never answered another prayer, would I still want to follow Him? Of course, I want to say yes to that question. But I must confess, there are times that when my heart is either weak or breaking or just cold, that I just wonder how I can keep going. This is not always just selfishness on my part. Sometimes I read articles about God’s people around the world who are going through intense persecution and I just cry out to God for them. (By the way, I heard the other day that our good old USA made it to a Christian persecution watch list). Sometimes I hear about people in around me suffering from sickness or loss, and I just cry out for God to comfort them.

Again, is Jesus enough for us? Or do we just want Him for the benefits we can get from Him? Large crowds were following Jesus through most of His ministry, but he gave Himself to only twelve. And they certainly the “cream of the crop.” I’ve been reading the Gospels lately. Some of the scenes in the Garden are just heart breaking if we take the time to think about them. I can just picture Jesus leaving his disciples in one spot then taking Peter and two others a little distance and asking them to watch and pray with Him because His heart was heavy. They slept. Jesus then went on alone and talked to His Father. Talking isn’t quite the word, pleading is more like it. “My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me, nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will.” In essence, Jesus said, if there was any other possibility, other than being crucified, for God to take it away. But He also knew His purpose and surrendered to the will of the Father.

Jesus Gave up everything for us! Sometimes that thought just blows me away. He emptied Himself of his equality with the Father. He put Himself under the authority of His earthly parents. He was mocked, beaten and finally crucified for us so that we might have life now, and eternal life with Him, later. What a God we serve!! We don’t understand His ways, totally. We want peace when He seems to bring nothing but trial and struggle. We want to do things our way, when Jesus says we need to crucify ourselves at the cross and follow Him. May we drop at the feet of Jesus in repentance, submission and humility. GIVE ME JESUS!!! We need nothing else! 



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