Do What Matters

Bob Mayo, Stonepoint Member

Our life is a journey, In the Light of Eternity. I italicized that last part because it’s actually the title of a video put out by Francis Chan that I watched on RightNow Media, that I got in an email from Stonepoint. Thank you pastors for allowing us to have access to this free resource.

I don’t know how many of you might have had the opportunity to watch this video. I saw it was from Pastor Chan and he is one of the few “big name” guys in Christianity that I still consider to be one of my heroes. I wrote a blog some time ago about my heroes. The list is small because I don’t know the names of most of them. But146736 my heroes are people who give up all and seek to live for Christ. They are people I see every day who, in spite of their struggles, have a heart for the LORD, a heart for the lost, who take care of their wives and children. No books, no glory (except to the LORD), no fame or money. Put simply, my heroes are called Christ Followers.

I don’t know why I got off on that. Let’s get back to the point of this. I have experienced a few things this week that made me think a lot. They could be con
sidered small things but they made me take a look at my life. Don’t worry, this blog is not about me. But I pray it has something for all of us. The first thing that happened was I watched the video I mentioned above. It opened with a quote from D.L. Moody, “Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.” The video went on to talk about a ministry that was started by a business man in the US who just wanted to do something practical about two overwhelming problems. The video took me to Africa and looked at two things: malnutrition and starvation and the red light district in a large city in Africa.

As I watched, I couldn’t help but to think of where I am in this season of life. People have told me that I gave up a lot in my life to work for God full time. I don’t see it that way, but they say things like, I sacrificed a job where that I enjoyed and had pretty good salary: that I left a comfortable life and gave up a larger retirement than I now receive to come and work at Gospel for Asia; that I sold my house and gave all the profits to my employer so I could quit my job early and come and serve the LORD. While I did do those things with a sold-out heart, I can’t help but to be bothered lately how far my life has gone from doing all that to thinking about me, my comfort, my problems, my work, my loneliness, my money, etc.

Pastor Chan has a couple of quotes in his book Crazy Love, that I reread parts of this past week. The first is, “On the average day, we live caught up in ourselves. On the average day, we don’t consider God very much. On the average day, we forget that our life truly is a vapor.”  Pastor Chan goes on with the chapter and talks about worry and stress and how God made the “movie of life” and how we have made it about us. A little later, he makes one more quote that plagues me, “Frankly, you need to get over yourself. It might sound harsh, but that’s seriously what I mean.”

I’d like to mention one more quick thing about this week and then I’ll wrap this up. I managed to drag myself to the monthly Stonepoint prayer meeting this week. I don’t mean that badly, but drag myself is a correct statement. I have attended one or two of these meetings and have enjoyed them. But, I find it difficult for me to make it to make these meetings and I come up with some pretty good excuses. But I asked God all week to please give me the stamina to attend no matter what, and he did. The “take home” I got out of the meeting was when Pastor Dick Patterson was on stage and spoke about how great it was to pray to our God. He also mentioned that prayer is just talking with our Father as we would to a friend. That’s not new news, but how many of us actually just sit and talk with God like that! I admit it is difficult for me. But that’s not the point. The point is, no matter if it is difficult for ME or not, it’s not about me. I’m not the star of this movie of life, God is! We cannot make it in our walk without praying to our LORD. Yes, scripture commands us to pray, but God’s heart is that He just wants to spend time with us. We do that through reading the Bible and praying to Him.

OK. Let’s wrap this up with a few points that have been on my mind this week:

  1. None of us is guaranteed another minute of life. I heard about a pastor from a church in Plano who died recently. He was playing basketball with friends. He sat down to rest a few minutes and fell over dead. We know in our minds that we will all die, but we really don’t make that knowledge part of our lives. Our life is truly a vapor. The question is, how will we spend it?
  2. Our life may be going really well right now or it may be going really poorly, full of worry and stress. But that isn’t the point. The question is, does our life glorify God. Whatever we do, our lives should bring God glory and not ourselves.
  3. I’d like to address this point to young single Christians. I told a friend at lunch yesterday about the video I watched and what the ministry was doing. I heard myself say, “boy, I would love to do something like that.” Now I am already serving full time, but lately I have been thinking, am I really doing what I should be doing? Am I doing enough? Only God can answer that. So for you young, single people who may read this, please seek God to do things that really matter! I know several young single people who are doing great things, at least in my opinion, for the Lord. One of them is in Greece ministering to refugees fleeing from hostile countries. Another is in Jordan serving there doing similar things. Both these young people will probably never be famous or write a book. But I know them both, and I know they are doing this out of a true heart’s desire to do what the LORD would have them do. Young people, please make your life count while you can. Don’t succeed at things that don’t matter. 
  4. One more and I’ll close. As I mentioned above, we need to get over ourselves. The movie is not about us. I don’t know all the answers but briefly, we need to ask God to fill us with His Spirit and we need to purpose ourselves to serve sacrificially. In being a Christ follower, we often need to go against our will. When we find ourselves thinking about and doing what we want, we need to consciously think of ways to counter that thinking.

May our LORD guide us in doing things that really matter. Ask God to direct your lives and, Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths. (Proverbs 3:5-6). Blessings to you all.

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