Trusting God and His Guidance

Bob Mayo, Stonepoint Member

I came across another passage in Proverbs that has been staying with me lately. I’m not sure how it started but I wrote the verse on an index card and started memorizing and meditating on it. Actually I had memorized this verse when I was a young Christian many years ago. I was good at memorizing scripture in those days. But I just left it at memorization and didn’t really think about the deeper meaning of a the verses I memorized. I just memorized as many verses as I could like some kind of a project. That wasn’t bad, but it is only now I am starting to rethink about some of the verses. So, here goes. Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

For some reason, this passage has been on my mind and thoughts since I started re-memorizing it a few days ago. Then this morning I woke up from a weird dream. Something about losing my car in a parking lot in downtown Denver where I worked so many years ago. I don’t know if the dream has anything to do with this post, except that I woke really disturbed about it. Then I started thinking all kinds of thoughts about what is going to happen in the future for me. Now, most of you aren’t here yet, but I’m 69 years old, and it’s pretty common for me to be thinking of my short time here and what will happen. Anyway, I started thinking, and fearing about things like what I am going to do when I lose my independence. What if the Lord keeps me around here long enough that I need to go into a nursing home, etc. I don’t know why, but I was pretty fearful of these thoughts. But, I did the right thing and prayed about this and told God he was still in control of my future. As I got to the office about 8:30, I walked up to my work area. Then I started walking down to our break room to make coffee for the gang. As I walked by one area I saw this big white board with a verse written on it. Yep! You guessed it. It was Proverb 3:5-6. I thought, “What is going on with me concerning this passage?”

So, that’s a long introduction into what I want to say. Verse 5 of Proverbs 3 talks about trusting the Lord. Spiritually speaking, a dictionary is a poor source for looking up the meaning of words. But the Oxford dictionary says that trust is, “to have confidence in something, or to believe in someone.” But the spiritual meaning here is much deeper. The word TRUST itself means, “To lie helpless, facedown.” I like that. It means we are empty of any self-will and have put our trust totally in the LORD GOD. Trust is a total submission to God and His will!! That is a scary thought for a lot of us. We are Americans! We are used to doing our own thing, making our own plans and living our own lives. Trusting God in this way is a bit foreign to us. But, there is no other way for a Christian. Psalm 118:8 says, “It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man.” God wants our hearts. And our hearts need to be in submission to Him and His will.

Verse 5 goes on to say, “And do not lean on your own understanding.” So the whole thought is trust God and don’t trust yourself. But, in our flesh, we like to have things our own way. Many of us have lived a lot of our lives trying to please ourselves and make ourselves happy. What has that accomplished for us other than a lifetime of a broken life and broken people around us? It is impossible to be submitted totally to God and yet try to live our life to please ourselves.

Finally, verse 6 says, “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” I’ve heard people say, and have said myself, things like, “I don’t know what God’s will for me is for me. How do I find His will?” I’ve asked that of the young students that I get to know here. While I mean well, I’m not sure if it is the best questions I can ask. Verse 6, gives us a clue to know God’s will. It is to acknowledge Him in every aspect of our lives. I believe that means our lives need to be totally surrendered to Him He must have all of us. Making plans for our lives is not a wrong thing. But when we make plans, do we ask God to show if our plan is His will for us? This brings one more thing to bear. According to this passage, how does God show or reveal His will for us? I don’t think we can ever say that there is one given way how God reveals something to us. Of course the most basic way is the Word of God. But He can also use Godly advice, circumstances, spiritual peace or any combination of these things. The important thing is that we keep asking God for His guidance in our plans. I heard once a long time ago, that for things that are not revealed in scripture regarding God’s will for us, that what we should do is act on whatever we think God is leading us. We should then move in that direction, trusting God either to make that happen or to block it.

I just spoke to a young lady yesterday from our School of Discipleship. She will be graduating in December and moving on with her life. So I asked my standard question, “What do you plan to do next.” She indicated that she wanted to go to China, teach English and use every opportunity she can to witness Christ. Now I knew a couple of things about this young lady. I knew that since age 12 she had been studying Chinese and reads from a Chinese Bible. I also knew that since that age, she has been working toward going to China and learning everything she can about China. It’s rare indeed for such a young child to have a goal like that. But it thrilled my heart as I heard it and that it is still with her. Whether this really is God’s will for her, I don’t know. But I like the fact that she is pursuing what she thinks is God’s will and leaving it up to Him to work it out. I learn a lot from these young people☺. So, here is the bottom line, at least for me: Learn to Trust God with all your heart. Seek His will and work toward whatever you think that may be. And leave the results to God! God would have us walk with Him day-by-day in faith. When we look to ourselves, our tendency is to live by sight. Trust Him, my friends! He will not let us down. Blessings to you!

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