Not Just Another Prayer Meeting

Bob Mayo, Stonepoint Member


One of the things we do here at Gospel for Asia is have a lot of prayer meetings. I have been attending them for 20 years now. Our meeting is pretty standard. We worship, pray for ministry things, “hot” issues occurring here in the US and around the world, etc. It is all good and even when I don’t feel like coming to prayer, I try to come by faith and pray anyway. Prayer is NEVER a bad thing.

But I would like to talk a little about our last prayer meeting on July 26th because I think it has ramifications for Stonepoint and all churches for that matter. We had a guest speaker named David Mains talk to us this night. Some of you older Christians, like me, may recognize his name. Mr. Mains is a student of revivals and even has a small book about it. He had free copies available of which I got one. I never turn down offers for free books ☺.

Anyway, his talk briefly covered nine things that happen to people when real revival comes to them and/or their churches. I’d like to briefly mention them to you.

  1. They really worship—it’s not just that they sing songs and shout out “praise the Lord” even though that is good. When revival comes, real worship springs out from the heart of a person. It comes as much from lay people as it does the pastor and worship leader.
  2. They love one another—I’ve seen and experienced glimpses of that here at Stonepoint. But this love that comes from revival will be spread around to anyone and everyone.
  3. They strive for holiness—revival in one’s life brings a hurt in a person for his sin and a great desire for holiness. I heard about one revival where there were strange noises occurring and the pastors could not figure out what it was at first. They soon discovered that it was the congregation deeply and quietly groaning over their sins and asking God to cleanse them. Boy, would I love to experience that in my own life.
  4. They eagerly serve the Lord—revival in a God’s people results in Christian service. Imagine, pastors no longer having to search and beg (in some cases) for people to serve in the church. People are lined up at the door asking, “Pastor, what would you like me to do!!” Real revival brings that.
  5. They become hungry for the Word—reading the Word is no longer a chore or something that we have to do. It becomes something we long for. During revival, the Word may come alive in us for the first time in our lives.
  6. They pray boldly—this one really hurts. I have a hard time praying at all, much less with boldness. But in a time of personal or corporate revival, a person will be bold in prayer. He or she will ask God to move mightily and not be afraid to approach the Throne of Grace.
  7. They reach out in spontaneous evangelism—this will often happen among the lay people as much or more than it does in the pastors. We will just naturally share the Gospel with people we meet with no apologies. In times of past revivals in America, Christians went out evangelizing so much that soon bars in the town had to close due to lack of business.
  8. They enjoy life at its best—Jesus says when we come to Him we can have an abundant life. That doesn’t mean the big house and car, money in the bank or anything else along those lines. It means that we will finally fine the true meaning of life that we have been searching for. There is one more.
  9. They will experience an intense counter attack from Satan. If we are serious about following Jesus, the first eight of these things that happen when true revival comes will make us happy. But this last one I negative. But it in inevitable. Satan will not stand still when God’s people get serious about following Him. He will bring everything he can as a roadblock. As Stonepoint grows in holiness, service, evangelism, etc., we should be expecting attacks. But “greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.

So, that’s my walk through revival. In all honesty, it was the best and most encouraging meeting we have had around here for a year and a half. I wonder what would happen if we started praying that God would revive us as individuals and as the Body of Christ. Do we pray for revival? Not in others, but in ourselves? I get excited when I think of the possibilities!

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