Lord of our Lives

Bob Mayo, Stonepoint Member

OK. I rarely write things like this here and I’m afraid I’m going out on a limb but I’m compelled to share something that came to mind in my prayer time today. Please know that what I write is not a judgement on any one of you, my Christian friends, except to myself. But God has put this on my heart:

In prayer today I thought and prayed for God’s children serving and living in hostile countries. It’s so amazing to me to realize that many of them have an avenue of escape, but purposely serve where their lives are constantly at risk. Many of them will die as martyrs, their names unknown to us.

I sit here in my comfortable home and read of accounts of these brothers and sisters. I wonder, do I hold on to my life too closely? While I admit that things are changing even here in the US, I used to feel guilty at times because my life is so comfortable and safe compared to many of our brothers and sisters around the world. I can no longer feel guilty, as it is a trap of the our arch enemy to do so. But the question still haunts me, am I ready to die for my Lord? At least I call Him Lord, but is He really Lord of my life? Do I really mean it? It’s been said somewhere, that you can’t really live unless you are willing to die. That may not even be from a Christian source but it has a ring of truth to it. May God give us the grace to examine our hearts and perhaps to repent of our fears and our love of our lives. May He truly be Lord of our lives!

If you read this, I know some of you will not agree with it, and some of you may even think it is just wrong. Some may even take offense to it. That’s OK. God works in us in different ways and at different levels. But for what is left of my life here, I want to live it in total surrender to Jesus Christ! May he give me the grace and strength to truly make Him Lord of my life. May God bless you, my Christian friends. And for you who take time to read this, thank you. May you all have a blessed and safe holiday.

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