Bob Mayo, Stonepoint Member

First of all, I believe Pastor Brandon is starting a new series on Sunday on the book of Hebrews. At least I think I heard that. If not, I guess I’ll have my own study on it, as I have already started. Book of Hebrews used to scare me a little. But while there is much I don’t understand about the book at this point, I do know that the Holy Spirit did not have this book penned to scare us. The last couple of times I’ve read Hebrews I’ve found to be a book of encouragement and exultation. I’m looking forward to the study of it this summer.

Resentments. I’ve had a few in my life. In re:generation, we are starting what is known as inventory. At it’s core, our workbook describes our inventory as an honest record of the impact of sin on our lives. While I worked through the first inventory on resentments, I was impressed with a couple of things. First, resentments really hold you to your past. Some thoughts came to mind of things that happened to me back in my high school days and even back to my early childhood. The fact that they came to mind was a little scary, actually. I don’t want to be held captive by my past resentments. The only person it affects is me, and it hinders my moving forward in my walk. The second thought I had, at least for me, was that i don’t have time to keep struggling with resentments that have occurred. My thought for myself is that there is little time left, and there is still work for me to do. When I let my mind dwell on “wrongs” that have been done to me, I have noticed lately that it really effects my serving the Lord in a negative way. It’s time for that to stop. We can talk about how that will happen another time.

Fear is another area that I have been working on in re:generation. I have had a lot of fears and insecurities in my life and they only get stronger as we age. At least they have for me. Fear in our lives seems to speak to trust. To what or whom do we trust? Are we willing to take chances for God? I can tell you that I have pretty much taken the safe route in life. Now, there have been exceptions to that in my life. But over all, I have played it safe. One thing I know… at least I think it’s true, that in order for the Gospel to go forward, there is always someone who has to sacrifice. I think of some of the early missionaries like Judson, Hudson Taylor and many others. Today, around the world, there are countless unnamed Christians who have given up everything to preach the Gospel. Question: Is it worth giving up everything we have to follow Jesus? We need to think hard and honestly before we answer that question. It’s time for me, and perhaps you, to rid ourselves from our fears and step out for God. Just a simple example, God helped me I had to over come my fear just to walk into the church on the first night I felt His leading to go to re:generation. But God used that small act to start new growth in me.

Well, I have more but I think this is enough for today. I pray God will give us grace and courage to analyze our lives in light of the Gospel. Then please don’t just jump in and start trying to make changes on your own. Whatever God brings to our minds and hearts that need to be changed will be revealed as we pray for His Guidance and as the Holy Spirit directs us. Then we can go forward in faith and confidence that God is leading us. God bless you!

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