Good Friends and Nice Surprises

Bob Mayo, Stonepoint Member

I’ve been struggling a bit lately. Nothing bad really, but I do find myself tired and unmotivated lately. Some of it is that I just get tired of hurting physically or just being tired in general. I also struggle some with being in re:generation. Not with the program itself, but I keep seeing things that need to be changed in my life by God. Andrew Peterson has a line in one of his songs that says, “I’m so tired of being wrong all the time.” That’s me.

But in the midst of this, sometimes God just does some nice little things that just have no other purpose than to make us happy and give us a little joy in our lives. So I thought I would like to talk about a few of these today, just for fun.

One thing God started several months ago was he brought a new friend into my life. It’s hard do describe how it started or why we even became friends. Normally it would be most unlikely. It started with laughter. We would just talk and make jokes and make each other laugh. As time went by we started sharing spiritual things with each other. It has taken time, but a respect for our similarities and differences has begun to grow. Proverbs 17:22a says, “A joyful heart is good medicine.” This friendship has brought both laughter and joy into my life and I thank God for it.

May 5th is a day known by many as Cinco de Mayo! For most of us here in the ministry it was just May 5th, another day we get to serve the Lord. But as a surprise today, as I was sitting at my desk working, four guys snuck up on me and started yelling, “happy Cinco de Mayo day, Uncle Bob.” Now that had nothing to do with the day other than the last word of Cinco de Mayo and my last name happens to be the same. So a plot was up to have some fun with that. A little history here. I have been supplying chocolate for the office for some time. It started some years ago just as a small thing in the department I was coordinating at the time. But over the years it has grown into a ministry-wide thing. I enjoy doing it and get lots of thank you’s and hugs. So here are four guys standing there with big bowls of chocolate to add to my supply. they also put up a sign by the chocolate about it being Cinco de Mayo so be sure to give “Uncle Bob” a hug when you take chocolate. It worked!!! It was just one of those nice fun things that God does fun little things once in a while to let us He loves us.


Another fun thing happened. If you were at church recently, you probably remember that you received an envelope as you walked in. The envelopes contained a certain amount of money and we were asked to do something generous with it. We were told not to put it back in the collection box but rather to give it away to someone. Well, I have a little 8 year old friend named Hannah. Hannah has two sisters, Kayla and Gabby. We used to be neighbors and for more months than I can count, their mother would make me dinner and have Hannah, Kayla and later Gabby bring it over to my house. This was such a joy and the three girls earned the nickname of “My Pixies.” Well I got an email from their mom that Hannah got one of the envelopes from church and it had $5 in it. When asked what she wanted to use it for she said “Uncle Bob.” So I get this email that says we should meet at Sweet Frog near Canton for frozen yogurt. So, I drove over their and met my little friends and their mom. We all got our yogurt and I saw Hannah give her $5 to her mom to pay for mine. It was just a sweet moment for me to see her serving the Lord in this small way. I also had a bonus. After our yogurt we went over to a local Mexican Restaurant.  Romance, the mom, told me it was authentic Mexican food. it was good. I said after finishing that I feel like I am ready for a missions trip now.


So ends my story of three small things God did to encourage my heart. The cool thing is, If we just look around, we can see many small, almost insignificant things He does. We can even become the instigators of these small things. I found a note from someone in the office today that was put in my mailbox that was just a blessing. What would happen if we started forgetting ourselves and started an unorganized campaign of “small encouragements.” I know many of you do this already. My encouragement to you would be to keep doing it. Each of these three incidents I mention in this post have had a profound affect on me. May God give us grace to just see how we can encourage those around us in small ways. They mean way more than we realize. God bless you all!


1 thought on “Good Friends and Nice Surprises

  1. You blessed me with a envelope to bless someone. So I did pray about who I could bless and he put in my heart to bless the Hernandez family. Her and her husband are taking care of her disabled mother and now raising their two precious grandchildren. Currently struggling to just provide for their family. God worked in my heart to match that amount. Thank you for showing me how to be generous to others. Just to be part of this church family has changed my heart and helping me grow in my walk in Christ. Thank you Stonepoint Church!


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