God’s Army

Bob Mayo, Stonepoint Member

At our Tuesday night prayer meeting recently I was asked to share a segment to pray for the Maldives Islands. I am somewhat familiar with the islands as we had a small work there several years ago. As part of my sharing, I wanted to have a verse to read to the staff that would be appropriate. As I was reading my Bible one morning before the prayer meeting I came across 1 Samuel 14:6:

Then Jonathan said to the young man who was carrying his armor, “Come and let us cross over to the garrison of these uncircumcised; perhaps the LORD will work for us, for the LORD is not restrained to save by many or by few (italics mine).

I have read this passage before, and I wasn’t sure it was appropriate for the segment or not, but the verse caught my attention for some reason. You may be familiar with the story. The Philistines were harassing the Israelites when Jonathan, King Saul’s son, got this bright idea. He and his armor bearer should climb up to the other side of the valley and attack the Philistines, single handed. I think if I were the armor bearer I would have not been too excited, but look at what he said: “Do all that is in your heart; …I am with you according to your desire.” The passage does not say that Jonathan actually prayed about this (but I suspect he did). But he did come up with a plan that if the Philistines called them to come up to them that would be a sign that the LORD was with them. That is exactly what happened! The passage goes on to say that Jonathan went up with the armor bearer and Jonathan struck the Philistines and that the armor bearer helped kill some of them after they fell.  I guess you could call him the “clean-up” hitter. The passage says the “first slaughter” was about 20 men. It says nothing about a second slaughter, but we can infer from the text that there was one.

Now, a little information about the Maldives. As far as Christian work goes, there is very little going on. The Maldives is said to be one of the most unevangelized places on earth. There are strict laws that anyone who professes anything except Islam is imprisoned and most likely tortured. Years ago, we had one missionary who felt a burden to go to the Maldives. He got into the country through his wife, as she was a nurse. So the country let them in with a work visa for her. The wife went to work and our brother began his secret work. But in a short while, he was turned in for preaching the Gospel and arrested. When we heard the news we were really thinking he would imprisoned for 20 years or so. But, by God’s grace they decided to deport the family instead. Our missionary was never able to go back.

So, last Tuesday night we prayed for the Maldives that our Lord would bring some kind of a breakthrough. I believe that there are some Christians in the Maldives but they are either in prison or in hiding. Indeed, God’s army in the Maldives is small. But who knows what could be done by one soldier who is empowered and protected by God. God doesn’t need a large army. He has shown that time and time again. Look at Gideon. He had a pretty good army of 22,000 men, yet God pared it down to just 300 and they won the victory. Jesus was never interested in a lot of followers, even though for a while there were big crowds who followed. But when the going got tough as we say, the crowds dwindled down. In the end he had just 11 men left and told them to start a new movement. That movement is still here today and the cost of it has been much blood and sacrifice.

What about you and me? Can God use one man or woman to reach out to the many? Of course He can. What about Stonepoint? Can Stonepoint be used mightily by the Lord to not only reach people in Van Zandt and Kaufman Counties but around the world? The answer again, is YES. But there is a cost. It will cost time and energy. It will mean death to our flesh. It will mean sacrifice. It will mean walking a narrow road that many, if not most Christians do not choose to walk. I use the word “choose” purposely, because that’s exactly what it is, a choice. Stonepoint can be used of God to be a light and an example to the rest of the Body of Christ, if we will only trust God and surrender ourselves to Him for the purpose of reaching the lost.

Dear Lord Jesus, make it so! Make us a people who sacrifice in order to reach those who need to know You as their Lord and Savior!

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