Peace With God

Bob Mayo, Stonepoint Member

I read Romans chapter 5 today. It’s one of my favorite chapters of the Bible. It talks about another big word that we banter around in our Christian circles. That word is, JUSTIFICATION. It’s a rich full word with a lot of meaning. I’d like to talk a little about it in the post.

When justification is mentioned, I often hear it defined with words like, “just as if I had never sinned.” Surely, that is a part of it, but there is so much more. Here is a definition of justification I came across today. “Justification means that God declares us righteous, which is a declaration of peace, made possible by Christ’s death on the cross” (Wiersbe). What justification means is that we have a guarantee of Heaven because of the act of God to justify the sinner through the work of Christ on the cross. As great as that is in itself, there is more to what it means to be Justified by Christ.

Romans 5:1-11 mentions several blessings that we have as a result of our justification, right now. Here they are:

1. Peace with God (v1a)-Before we were saved, we were actually at war with God. But all that changed at salvation. The Christian is at peace with God, whether we believe or feel it or not.

2. Access to God (v2a)-Heb. 4:16 says, let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Since we are seen as righteous, we can come to God, any
time or any place.

3. A glorious hope (v2b)-we have a future glory to look forward to. A day is coming when we will share in Christ’s glory.

4. Christian character (v3-4)-we do not escape trials because of our justification. Trials will always come as long as we are in this world. But our trials can actually make us more like our Lord. Tribulation works patience, patience works proven character and proven character works hope.

5. God’s love within (v5-8)-we have God’s love in our hearts through the Holy Spirit. We do not just have God’s love. The passage says that Christ’s love was poured out to us. His love toward us is greater than we can ever imagine.

6. Salvation from future wrath (v9-10)-“having been justified, we shall be saved from the wrath to come….” We all have tribulation while we are here on this earth. But a wrath is coming that is far worse than anything we have or will experience.

7. Reconciliation with God (v11)-reconciliation means we have been brought back into fellowship with God. The true Christian will always have access to that fellowship and will never lose it.

There is so much to being justified by Christ. It occurred apart from anything we could make happen through obedience to the law or by good works. When Christ justified us, it took care of our past, present and future. Our sins were forgiven and we counted as righteous in the sight of God. We can go through this life and become more like our Lord. And we will one day see the glorified Christ. What a glorious Savior and what a great salvation we have. Lord, may we come to fully understand Your great work of justification in our lives! Amen.

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