Deep in Thought

Bob Mayo, Stonepoint Member

I have been thinking a bit about some things lately. It has been going on for about a week now. It started with a friend who is in school in another state asked me to answer a question for her. Her question was, “if God told He would answer only two prayer requests for you, what would they be. She then asked me to get back to her with the answers.

I have to admit, it took me three days of thought to come up with just one of the answers and then, I wasn’t totally happy with it. Oh, it was a good answer I thought, but it sounded so pious and holy. I certainly don’t feel that way about myself. I finally messaged my friend on Facebook (it’s good for something, folks☺) and told her that it probably wasn’t what she was looking for, but it was truly my first answer to her question. My answer was this, “if God would do nothing else for me, I would like him to make me truly humble before Him.” This has been a dream and a prayer for myself for years. I truly admire and cherish humility. I don’t look it as a goal or something to possess. It is the very something that pleases God! I want to do that. Of course, Jesus is the supreme example of humility but who can live up to it. I also think of Moses. The Bible says that he was the most humble man in the world. As he was leading the people who rebelled against God and him many times, Moses would always humble himself for the people and ask God to forgive the (see Numbers 14). Yet, even Moses failed and rebelled against God (see Numbers 20) and was denied access to the Promised Land. Now, I can identify with that! So, my first answer to my friend’s questions remains, “God, please make me humble before You and the people I come in contact with.” I’m pretty sure I have mentioned this verse before, but Isaiah 66:1-2 is probably my key verse when it comes to humility. “Thus says the LORD, Heaven is My throne and the earth is My footstool. Where then is a house you could build for Me? And where is a place that I May rest? For My hand made all these things, thus all these things came into being,” declares the LORD. “But to this one I will look, to him who is humble and contrite of spirit, and who trembles at My word.” Oh, God! Please make us humble before you! Amen! By the way, I still owe my friend one more answer. 

There is a couple more thing I’ve been thinking about, and that is service and encouragement. Service came up as I was reviewing my re:generation book. We talk a lot about that a lot at Stonepoint. The touching passage in the Gospel of John always speaks to me on this. In chapter 13, we have the scene where Jesus washes the disciple’s feet. After a few questions, He tells the disciples that if He, as their teacher, washed their feet, they should wash one another’s feet. In Mark 10:45, it tells us that Jesus did not come to be served, but to serve…how great it would be if we would all become servants. Can you imagine what that would be like? This actually ties into humility, for it is hard, or maybe impossible, to be a true servant if we are not doing it from our hearts, and that takes humility. But what an encouragement it is to the body. As I stand at the back of the church and greet people at 8:30 service, I see several ladies running back and forth carrying water for the coffee, I see others setting out treats and keeping the coffee going. I also see people coming into the service bringing in treats that they made at home the night before. It is a simple thing and as I watch, I wonder if anyone thanks these ladies for their service. I think true serving should be done without expecting thanks or praise, but what an encouragement it is when it happens. What an encouragement it would be for the leaders at Stonepoint if we could and would each do a small part. Sorry, I’m not trying to beat up on anyone. I was just thinking about serving from the leader’s standpoint and how we as a body might encourage them.

OK. Enough for today. I pray we will all be followers of our Lord as He leads us. May we be humble followers of our Lord and do our service for His glory and not our own.  God bless you.

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