Stonepoint Church and House Cleaning

Bob Mayo, Stonepoint Member

Sometimes blog posts come to me in a strange way. Today was one of those days. Today at Stonepoint we started a new series that Pastor Brandon called Fit to Fight. Today was just the introduction and all I can say is that it was SMOKE!! But for today, As I understand it, the series is going to be about reclaiming and leading our families. I don’t have a family any longer but there will still be things I can apply to my life and I am excited about it. But today, I just want to take one small part of of the sermon and tell you about it. It’s actually a bit funny and I present it to you as my story of the week.

So, after the 8:30 service, I went out to my car feeling beat up a little bit. Not because Pastor Brandon beat up on us, but most every Sunday, I come out with things the Lord challenged or convicted me about. Today was no different. I hurried down Texas 47 past my camel friends and got on I-20 for a few miles toward home. I wanted to get home and read and pray about things, which I did. One of the points Pastor Brandon made was kind of funny to me. He said around his home when they clean, they have to pray first. Then they have to play music and sing as they clean. I thought that was an interesting approach to cleaning and I thought I would try it out today. As I was driving home I was playing a CD by Will Reagan & the United Pursuit Band. I doubt if many of you have heard him, but I like him. I remembered that the CD envelope also contained a DVD in it. So I brought the DVD into the house with me.

After my time of reading and prayer I decided it was time to start cleaning. You see, I’m hosting a John Movie Night for a few of our School of Discipleship students this coming Friday (we are watching Hatari), so I knew I had to do some cleaning. My theory about cleaning seems to be, “Why bother, you clean once and six months later you have to do it all over again.” OK, I’m not quite that bad but close. But I knew I was having guests and while they know I am a single dude, I thought they would still appreciate a clean house. So I put my Will Reagan DVD on and decided to start with washing the bathrooms and laundry room floors. I got my handy dandy bucket, squirted a little germicide and cleaner in, and put the bucket in the kitchen sink to fill. After filling the bucket about half full, I grabbed the handle, took about three steps and (I bet you know where this is going), snap! The handle popped out from the bucket and my kitchen and dining area were covered in about a quarter of an inch of water. Meanwhile, Will Reagan and friends were still playing on my TV.

Usually, I have no patience when things like this happen. But this time, I just thought, “OK, maybe I’ll start in the kitchen and dining area rather than the bathrooms like I wanted, and I started singing along with my friend Will. As you might imagine it took quite awhile to pick up all the water but the good news is, I don’t think my floors were ever cleaned so well! I managed to pick up a lot of dead bug parts, thanks to the flood that went under furniture and flushed them out. Another bonus, as I started mopping up around my dining room table, I noticed all the chairs were quite dusty. I thought, “wow, I don’t know if I would have noticed that if this little accident hadn’t happened. God knows what he is doing.” More singing as I dusted the chairs. Finally, after about 45 minutes, for a job that would usually 10, I figured I picked up as much water as I could and started on my other floors. Since I didn’t put the handle bucket this time (I wasn’t falling for that again), the two bathrooms and the laundry room were cleaned without a hitch. Will and Friends sang and talked throughout the whole cleaning process.

So, there’s my practical lesson form today’s sermon. PRAY AND PLAY MUSIC WHEN YOU CLEAN!! For today at least, it made a huge difference in attitude and action and I think the Lord was glorified. Something that would have normally angered and frustrate me, actually turned out to a lot of fun! Great lesson Pastor Brandon!!

So, I still have more cleaning to do. I pray it will go as well. Fortunately I have prayer and another DVD by All Sons and Daughters I can play. I don’t know why they call themselves that because there are only two of them. So I think they should be called One Son and Daughter!! But then what do I know.

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