Bob Mayo, Stonepoint Member

I’m sure most of you know the Christmas song Mary Did You Know? It’s a beautiful song and I have always liked it. The last line of the song goes like this: “this sleeping child you’re holding is the GREAT I AM.”

The first time I heard the term, I AM, was when I read it in Exodus chapter 3. You probably know the story. God Himself meets Moses in a burning bush and they have an interesting discussion. Moses made many excuses why he should not go back to Egypt. Included among these excuses was: “You are asking me to go back to your people in Egypt and tell them You have heard their prayers, and I don’t even know your Name (my paraphrase of Exodus 3:13). God’s answer always amazed me. God said my name is: I AM WHO I AM!!! Tell them that “I AM” has sent you. Yeah, right!!! I’m pretty sure Moses thought, “sure, they’ll buy that!!” But the Name THE GREAT I AM, is so totally intriguing.

God used the word JEHOVAH, or the great I AM when he talked with Moses. We use the word “YAHWEH” which meant “to be.” or “to become.” To take this a little further, Jehovah comes from the Hebrew word YHWH. This was so sacred to the Jewish people that they declared YHWH to be the unspeakable name of God. But to put it in simple terms for us, JEHOVAH (YHWH) means that God is the self-existent One who always was, always is, and always will be. He is also totally self-sufficient and sovereign. He is indeed, GOD OF THE UNIVERSE!!

The song asks, “Mary Did You Know?” According to the the Bible, the answer for Mary was yes. She did indeed know that she was going to give birth to the Son of God (Luke 1: 30-34). I would assume that most of us Christians today know that too, but I wonder if we really grasp it.

We get so wrapped up into “doing Christmas” that I think we hardly give it a thought as to what really happened that night so long ago. What happened was that GOD CAME THE WORLD IN HUMAN FORM TO REDEEM US FROM OUR SINS AND OFFER US ETERNAL LIFE. We know this, of course, but do we really let it sink in to our hearts. There is such a difference between knowing about God, and knowing God. The Bible says that demons know about God and shudder (James 2:19). Knowing about God simply is not enough.

My prayer for myself this Christmas season is this: Oh Lord, may this Christmas the one that You fill us with humility, brokenness and adoration for You, the eternal, everlasting, all-powerful, all-knowing and and all loving God of the universe. May we know YOU, not just about YOU. Knowing God should make us drop to our knees as it did to Elijah!!! I so desire that kind of relationship with God. I pray God will change us this Christmas. God bless you all during this Christmas season!!

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