Another Day at Stonepoint (Colossians 3:1-11)

Colossians Title

Bob Mayo, Stonepoint Member

In all honesty, I don’t really know how to write this up today. When I got up it seemed like a normal Sunday morning. I got up and left for church so that I would be on time to greet people as they came in. About the only thing different, was there seemed to be more GFA people there than usual.

I took my usual chair in the back row as usual and the worship time began. One of the associate pastors gave the message today. I doubt if he had any idea of how God would use him today, especially in my life. The message today was from Colossians 3:1-11. Here are a few of the highlights from the pastor‘s message:

Verse 1–This verse talks about the fact that we have been raised up with Christ. To be raised up, we first have to have died. We have to die to ourselves. Our lives should be like we are a “dead man walking.” I started thinking, I know that I have been crucified and raised with Christ. I believe it with all my heart. But how has that fact really worked out in my life. It seems for the most part of my Christian life, I have been struggling with the same sins over and over. Knowing God has forgives my sins but powerless to overcome them. I concluded that if I am dead, these sins should not be a continuous part of my life.

Verse 2–the pastor said we need to set our minds on heavenly things. But our mind doesn’t get there because of our hearts. He went on to say something very personal to me, “Our heart’s desire has to be for people in a foreign land.” Then he went on to talk a little about his recent trip to India. As I type this, my heart aches. There are a few people I know in Asia who are my heroes. I know these brothers and their dedication and sacrifice to see their people come to the Lord. I agree with the pastor that sometimes it is harder to live here in the US and keep the things that are on our Lord’s heart first.

Verses 3-4–we died, and our life is hidden with Christ in God. And we shall appear with Him in glory. How can this be? The only way, is that we are in Christ. When God looks at us, all He sees is Christ! How amazing is that!! We have a great Savior!

Finally, Verses 5-11–we have a responsibility. Paul says, “Put to Death.” Then he names some things we need to put to death. The pastor mentioned greed in particular. I must confess that caught me by surprise that he would key in on that. The reason is that for the past few weeks, I have been dealing with that very thing. Lately, I seem to have more money in my possession than I have ever had before. Instead of being a blessing, it has been a challenge to me not put my trust in it, and to keep my trust on the Lord. Yesterday, I also learned that I have been loose is a couple areas regarding the use of money that I need to make right. Lord willing, I will take care of that tomorrow.

Overall, it has been an interesting day. Since the very first time I attended Stonepoint back in October of last year, there have been days similar today where seems to be a divine appointment. Our director here at GFA once said, sometimes a message isn’t for the entire congregation or gathering. Sometimes it is just for the one. I wonder if today was one of those days.

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