Mother’s Day/ Heaven, Week 4

Bob Mayo, Stonepoint Member

Today, being the second Sunday in May, is Mother’s day. It dawned overcast and dreary but it still looked nice to me. I woke up a bit earlier than usual, so I was able to get to the church in plenty of time to greet people as they came in.

The first thing I noticed, was to my left as I walked in, was that there was this big chocolate fountain with all the fixings. Pretty cool!! I thought, haven’t seen that in any church I had been in before. I didn’t get to imbibe, you had to be a mom for that. As I was greeting people, my two little friends Hannah and Kayla came into church with their dad and mom. Mom let them come in to say hi to me. I picked both of them up and hugged them. I call them “my little pixies.” Usually, a couple times a week, my door bell rings just after I get home from the office. It’s my little Pixies, carrying my dinner that their mother graciously made for me.

Anyway, back to church. The 8:30 service started and I got my coffee and sat down in the last row like I usually do. Soon after, there was a baby dedication. One of the things I have always liked about Stonepoint was that they “do church” differently from most places. It’s nothing big and some probably don’t even notice. I think it is more of a heart thing more than actually physically doing things differently. This was not a baby dedication at all. It was a small child dedication. There were two single moms and one had a little boy, the other a little girl. The pastor asked the moms a few questions. The last one was something like, would they let the church or pastors know of any needs they might have. Some of the congregation nodded when the moms indicated they would contact them.

After that, a short video clip was showed. It featured a mom who dying of breast cancer and contained some of her testimony. It was quite moving and I thought it was far from normal for a service being held on Mothers Day. But I thought God was totally in it.

The last message on the Heaven series was a little different today too. It was a question and answer session with Pastor Brandon and Pastor Mark. A couple of real good questions were asked like, “Do people in Heaven look down on us?” and “What about children who die, do they go to Heaven,” and “Is there a purgatory? (I grew up Catholic, but learned a couple of things on this answer.)

Like I said, the differences may seem small at Stonepoint. So small that at times you wouldn’t even notice it, unless you are paying attention. I pray this church never loses it freshness and difference. I fear sometimes that the church in the US is not having much of an impact on our country. I guess that is no surprise to many of us. But to me, this church really seems to be seeking God, seeking to make disciples, and seeking to reach their community and the world. I pray this never changes.

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