Grace – Part 2

Bob Mayo, Stonepoint Member

Today has been a nice and relaxing day. I got up this morning and did a Bible study of Romans 6 for a class I am teaching on Monday to one of our School of Discipleship groups. I always was a little timid to tackle Romans 6 because it is also difficult. But it is also a pivotal chapter in the Bible. I can’t cover everything in this post but here are a few thoughts.

The question that chapter 6 discusses is actually brought up in Romans 5:20-”But where sin increased, grace abounded more and more.” Some Christians believed that if people really understood that God judges them on just the basis of their faith in Christ, and not by works, they would go wild and continue living in sin.

Paul gives the answer to this dilemma in Romans 6. Maybe the best thing I can do here is just give a summary of Romans 6:1-10:

1. We are seen by God as dead to sin and being raised with Christ into new life.

2. Our history with Adam is done. We are now children of God.

3. God’s sentence on our old self is death.

4. But now, we have risen with Christ and walk in new life.

5. Sin’s power over us is broken.

6. Because of that we are free to live for God.

These are positional truths that God has done, and Romans 6 says that we need to know these truths. Not just in our heads, but in our hearts. God says we have died and have been raised up with Christ. Our position with God is perfect.

Then Paul lays out the practical aspect of living this out. The first step in walking in practical holiness is to count on the fact that our old self has been crucified. V11

Then, Verse 12 says not to let sin reign in our mortal bodies. God can make us holy, but we need to be willingly involved in His work of making us Holy. The bottom line to this is that God has a part and we have a part.

Finally verse 13 says that if we are dead to sin, we need to present our bodies to God. So, if we are dead, why do we have to still present our bodies? Scripture makes an important distinction: our spirit is redeemed, but our body is not. That is why there is this constant struggle against sin.

One day we will be totally redeemed. See 1 Corinthians 15:53-57. But for now, in times weakness, we can count on the Spirit of God can to turn us to the Lord rather than giving into sin. Before we were crucified with Christ, we had no choice, we were slaves to sin. But now, grace gives us the freedom to serve the Lord. We have a great privilege in being freed from the law and being under grace. The law told us what to do but we had no power to do it. Grace gives us the freedom to serve the Lord and live for His glory.

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