Disciple-Week 2

Disciple Series_ppt

Bob Mayo, Stonepoint Member

2 Timothy 2:2–The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.

At Stonepoint today, Pastor Brandon talked to us about who can be a disciple of Christ. The text he used was Mark 8:27-38. I have been a Christian for nearly 44 years. I was saved while in college through a Christian group called The Navigators. One of the key verses concerning discipleship is 2 Timothy 2:2, something Pastor Brandon talked about today without really mentioning the verse.

The Navigators are very big on growth by 1 to 1 discipleship. It is a process that if everyone does his part, to be a disciple and to disciple at least one other, that over time, the world can be reached. But the problem is, generally we don’t do our part. Possibly, had I stayed on with the Navigators, I might have caught on with the principle and done a better job at discipline. But when I graduate college and went on with my life, I joined a church. Nothing wrong with that, but as Pastor Brandon said today: the church has failed miserably at making disciples.

I have thought of, and called myself a disciple of Christ for many years. But hearing what I heard today, I am either a very bad disciple, or no disciple at all. Don’t take me wrong, was not on a guilt trip while listening to the message, but I did see how very far I am from what a true disciple should be. There are nine points from the message I would like to share about who can be a disciple and what the life of a disciple should look like:

1. Disciples are those who deny self and take up the cross. It starts there.

2. Disciples are those who love God completely.

3. Disciples are people who love others. 1 John 4:7-8.

4. Disciples are those who can communicate a solid Biblical world view.

5. Disciples are those who have a sense of eternal values.

6. Disciples are committed to the local church Heb 10:23-25.

7. Disciples are those who live in truth. 1 Peter 5:2-4.

8. Disciples are those who can reprove gently.

9. Disciples are those who possess tenacity, discipline and perseverance.

I learned today, like most things in Christianity, that if we are going to be a disciple of Christ, we must count the cost. Jesus never wanted a big following. A quick read of John 6 shows that. Jesus gave a hard and difficult the multitude. So much so that they stopped following Him. Jesus even asked the 12 if they were going to leave too, but they stayed on and followed Him. I pray, that by God’s grace, we as the body of Christ will become better disciples. I fully believe that the cost is worth it. God bless you all!

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