The God Who Does Not Hold a Grudge

Bob Mayo, Stonepoint Member

Mark 16:7–“But go, tell His disciples AND PETER, He is going ahead of you to Galilee; there you will see Him, just as He told you.”

You are probably familiar with this verse. Jesus has risen and several women come to the grave and find an angel sitting in the tomb. The angel uttered those amazing words, “He is risen.” Then came verse 7. I find it fascinating that the angel singled out Peter in this passage. It’s almost as if Jesus told the angel, “when you tell My disciples to come meet Me in Galilee, tell them to be sure to bring Peter. He won’t want to come but bring him anyway. I have plans for him and he is still my disciple and friend.”

Now think about Peter. Jesus told him that he would deny Him three times and it happened just as He said. Scripture says that Peter ran out and wept bitterly. Put yourself in Peter’s place. You hear your friends telling you that Jesus is alive and wants all of them, especially Peter, to meet Him in Galilee. How would you feel? Would you want to go? I don’t think I would. “How could Jesus have anything to do with me after I denied him like I did,” Peter would probably say.

Yet, Jesus really wanted to see Peter and in the book of John, we have that wonderful scene by the sea where Jesus restores Peter to the ministry. What a God we serve!!

Now, let’s think of ourselves. How many times have we sinned against our Lord? How many times have we committed the same sin over and over, and yet we still come to God and ask for forgiveness? I know I come in shame and wonder how many times will He forgive me for committing the same sin over and over. The answer is 70 times 7, as Jesus answered the disciples when they asked Him how many times shall I forgive my brother. Obviously, Jesus didn’t mean 490 times, then that is enough. No more! No, He meant that we need to forgive our brother or sister as many times as they come and ask for forgiveness.

Jesus won’t do any less for us. If we just come to Him in brokenness and humility, he will always be there to forgive. Jesus holds no grudges or bitterness toward us. Yes, when we sin, it grieves Him. But when we come to him in repentance, he is always ready to forgive.

Peter could have gone the way of Judas and gone out and hung himself. But instead he chose to go with the disciples when they came to get him. What did he find? A God of love, grace and forgiveness. We will find the same thing, if we just come to Him. We truly have a great God!!! Blessings.

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