Bob Mayo, Stonepoint Member

Prayer. I don’t know about you, but prayer is not one of my strong suits. I do pray of course, but often it is more of a struggle than a joy of coming into the presence of the Lord! Still, It is something I do because I know God yearns to have us pray to Him. But then, once in a great while, something happens that just totally blows me away.

Such was a time last Tuesday. The ministry closed toe office from 9AM to 12 noon, and we had a three hour prayer meeting. We have done these before, but I can truly say this time of prayer was one of the best times of prayer we have had here at the ministry in a long time. I don’t really know what made it so, other than to give credit to the Holy Spirit. There was really no agenda as such. It started with one of our leaders opening in prayer, then we had a time of worship which seemed really good. After that we had a devotional where the leader referenced Revelation 12:11 “And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony and they did not love their life even when faced with death.” Basically the teaching was that we do have an enemy, but he is defeated. This was followed by a time of praying for one another.

But the highlight of the prayer meeting for me was when we took time to pray for the sick in our midst. Two of our leaders stood up front with some oil and staff and families got in one of the two lines if they wanted to be anointed and have prayer. While this was going on we played worship music and sang to the Lord. It was so restful and the peace of the Lord was there like I haven’t experienced in some time. Talk about a time of refreshing!! This part of the meeting took about 1 and one half hours but no one seemed to mind. Probably three fourths of the staff went forward. We have a lot of people who suffer various ailments in silence for the most part. I must admit, knowing some of the people and their problems my heart broke a bit. Most of them were young people.

At one point I felt lead to go pray for one of my “nieces” who was sitting a few rows ahead of me. She was kneeling on the floor and worshiping when I approached her. She saw me and put her head on my knee as I prayed. We really didn’t say anything else, except that I told her she was a blessing to me. This young lady is 19 or so and I know her family. Most of the family suffers from one thing or another. It saddened my heart to think about the pain some of them are in.

We talk a lot about unity in the ministry around here. Well, today we had a little taste of what it is like to be united for a purpose. Don’t get me wrong. Times like I am describing are wonderful and renewing to the spirit. But I am not one who believes that you have to experiences times such as we did on Tuesday to have good times of prayer. While these times are especially memorable, prayer, like everything else in our Christian life, is a matter of faith. Brother KP tells us that our times of prayer where we experience no emotions or excitement, are actually our best times because they are done in faith. And this, brothers and sisters, pleases our Lord greatly. My conclusion, God loves to hear from us…let us pray!!

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