Marriage: Take a Vow.

Take A Vow_pptBob Mayo, Stonepoint Member

I got up a little early today to go to church today. I was starting work as a greeter and I was supposed to arrive a little early. It was fun shaking hands and saying hello to people.

When the service started I sat down like I usually do. I knew that pastor Brandon was starting a series on marriage. In all honesty, I feel I am a little beyond that. I am 67 years old, a widower and marriage does not seem to be in my future. But I realized since coming here, that I no longer come for the music, sermon or for any other reason except to worship our Lord.

As usual, by God’s grace to open my eyes and ears, the message was a blessing. This may be a little long, but if you stay with it, I think you well be blessed as I was.

Pastor Brandon used Revelation 19:7-9 as a starting point. Kind of unusual for a message on marriage. After laying the ground work using the “marriage supper of the Lamb,” Pastor Brandon went over what happens at a Jewish wedding. Here are some highlights:

First, the groom’s father, or his representative, goes out looking for a bride for his son.

2. Once found, they give her a dowry

3. The Bride’s father then assumes the responsibility to keep the bride pure. The bride doesn’t know when the groom will be coming for her.

4. Then there is the “betrothal.” Our closest thing to this is the engagement. But you can always break an engagement, a betrothal cannot be broken.

5. Finally, when everything is ready. There is the wedding celebration.

I hope you can see some parallels here with what God has done, and is doing, for us.

First, God chose us. 1 Thess. 1:4.

Second, He offers us a betrothal covenant.

Third, There is a payment 1 Cor. 6:20.

Fourth, as the bride of His Son, we are kept by the Father. Eph. 5:26-27. We love the idea of God being out there for us, but we hate dying to ourselves.

Fifth, Jesus is building a dwelling place for us. Jn. 14:2.

Sixth, He is sending his Son back for His bride. We need only to be ready.

Matthew 25:1-13.

Finally, the wedding feast. Matthew 26-26-29. Note in verse 29 notice that Jesus will not feast again until that day when He drinks it new until he drinks it with his disciples in his Father’s kingdom.

Final thought: If we model our marriages and relationships the way that Christ did, our lives will be less about ourselves and more about others.

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