John 2: Re-create

Bob Mayo, Stonepoint Attendee

Sunday on the prairie: Well, as the old song goes, “Ain’t No Sunshine Any More.” Seems like it has been a week since the big yellow ball in the sky showed itself. Other than that, it’s pretty quiet around the ole homestead. Most of the students are gone and several staff are gone or will be soon. Christmas has come to the prairie.

I went to Stonepoint Church this morning. It was good to be there and the message was really good. The message was based on John 2 where Jesus changed the water into wine. The lesson for me: “The more people see of us, the worse it gets. We always bring our best first (like your first date, you want to look and be good). With Jesus, it is not like like that. The more you come to Jesus, the better it gets. He takes us at our worst, and re-creates us into a new creation (2 Cor. 5:17)!

The whole thing with the story in John 2, was that no one knew about the water being turned into wine except the lowly servants. The rest had no clue of this miracle.

When Jesus created the world it was perfect. It soon fell apart and He has spent the rest of history re-creating man. But only those who come to Him as children and in humility get it. At the wedding, Jesus took what was empty and broken and re-created it into a new creation. He does the same with us. But only those who are humble, like the servants in the story, get to see this miracle of re-creation. May God give us grace not to take our salvation for granted.

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