Prayer: The Most Powerful Prayer

Randal Brewer, Stonepoint Member

We have all read stories about the giants of faith. We’ve read stories or heard sermons about men and women that are able to pray in faith, know that their prayers are answered, and then see the miraculous take place. These are not just Bible stories, but stories about men like George Mueller, who once successfully prayed that a thick fog would be lifted so that the ship he was on could make it to an engagement on time. How would this work for me in bumper-to-bumper traffic?

This would be a good power to have, wouldn’t it, to speak words and have the heavens move accordingly? The Bible tells us that this power is available to us, and I want it. Let us assume for the sake of this conversation that I want this power for good and godly things, which may or may not actually be the case, but that’s an issue between me and God. How can I pray for the seemingly miraculous and know my prayer is answered? How can I become like George Mueller, or Elisha, or Elijah.

For starters, neither George Mueller, nor Elisha, nor Elijah actually had any power. The power is not ours to have. It all belongs to God. They were just men, but they were, apparently, men that had something I don’t.

Oh, yeah. I got it. They were great men of faith and understanding. They were men of God, chosen by the Creator of the universe for His works and purposes. I, on the other hand, I am, well, something else altogether. We don’t really have to get into it now, but let’s just say that holiness is not something that belongs on my resume. I have a great distance to travel, a great pilgrimage to make and great lessons to learn before I can pray like those men. I am a lowly sinner, saved by grace…

Wait a second. Wasn’t that an answered prayer? The very first pitiful little prayer I ever prayed. Haven’t I accepted on faith that that prayer was answered and eternity was changed? Let’s just marinate on that for a second. Lowly and ignorant sinner prays and eternal circumstances are shifted. And not only for myself, but that first pitiful little prayer for salvation began a ripple effect of eternal change for people (my descendants!) that haven’t even been born yet. Can traffic really be that far behind?!

How did that happen? It was God’s will. I don’t why it’s God’s will that I would be saved for all of eternity, and that my family tree would be changed, but I can tell you that I’m not looking that gift horse in the mouth. I prayed a prayer as powerful as any George Mueller ever did simply by praying according to God’s will.  God’s will is good. It should be easy to pray for it. We just have to know what it is, which should also be fairly easy, because most of it is written down. The rest is asking, listening and agreeing.

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