Prayer: Turn Down That Noise!

Randal Brewer, Stonepoint Member

“He must increase, but I must decrease.” John 3:30

John the Baptist was a well-known character among the Jews. He baptized. He taught. He had a following, which comes with followers. But he also understood who he was, and who he was, was not Jesus.

I’m not Jesus either, and I too must decrease so that He will increase. I’m not talking about my fame and following, because I don’t have one. I am talking about the volume in my head. I must decrease the volume of noise I make in my own head so that Jesus can increase; so that I can hear the voice of the Shepherd that I am to follow.

Isn’t that what He said? His sheep hear His voice? But the noise inside my head is so loud. I have so many things that I am concerned about. So many things to pray for. So many people. None of these things are bad, but they are all mine, and they squeak and clang and bump and whine, and until I can turn the volume down and ask God to tell me what’s on His mind, I won’t hear what I really need to be praying about.

How to turn down the volume? First by realizing that none of those things are really mine. Or yours. It all belongs to God. I think that’s what it means to lay things at the cross. My children are not really mine. They are God’s, and my control compared to His control is…silly to think about. Give your kids to God. He knows them better and loves them more. Oh, yes He does. You are not capable of conceiving of His love, let alone matching it.

That’s true about yourself as well. He knows you more than you know yourself and is incapable of giving bad gifts.

Are you praying for your church, or your church’s leadership, or a ministry within the church? Turn down the volume of all your thoughts about what is needed, or what should change, or how you can do something to help. Decrease yourself in the process and let us collectively increase Jesus as the leader of our church. He knows more and loves more than we ever can.

Father God, you know the concerns that we have. You know the hopes and dreams that we have for our families and our church. Help us to bundle all of these things into a tattered little hobo sack and lay them at the cross so that we can turn an attentive ear to your hopes and dreams for our families and your church. And when we hear, give us the wisdom to say yes and the courage to follow through in obedience. Amen.

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