Three Essentials all People Should Know

Jeffery Caldwell, Stonepoint Church

Jeffery has recently come to faith in Christ.  This is a glimpse of what God is teaching him as he matures as a Christ follower.

So I wanted to talk about a few things this morning. First, I was reading the other day and the word grace came up several times. Now, as I learned it, grace is getting something that you don’t deserve, such as Gods love. We don’t deserve it because we’ve sinned, but he loves us nonetheless. He loves us greater than we can love another or even ourselves. Next, how about sacrifice…most people hate that word, because it means giving something up….but the truth is we can’t sacrifice anything greater that what God did, he gave is ONLY son, to die for SINS. That is sacrifice. And lastly, how about relationships…we all go through them, but as a few people have taught me recently and I’ve seen for myself, you can’t be in a relationship until you have a relationship with god. Then and only then can we find the means to be in a relationship with others.

The point of this is, at least one of those three things probably make you feel uncomfortable to do, but only when you get uncomfortable do you begin to truly start living!