The Boiling Point

Jonathan Farnsworth, Stonepoint Member

Jeremiah 4:31-32 says, “I hear a cry, like that of a woman in labor, the groans of a women giving birth to her first child. It is beautiful Jerusalem gasping for breath and crying out, “Help! I’m being murdered!””

Over a period of many years, our country has begun to change. We have slowly lost our identity as a nation, and we have become desensitized to the ramifications of change.  Look at the past 10 years; our entire culture has changed.  Take for example:  movies, television, commercials, video games, politics, and even the Church. It’s almost like the “frog in boiling water” scenario. The water is beginning to boil and people are crying out. We have become a society spiritually starved… and the sad part, we have done it to ourselves.  Jeremiah 4:18 states, “Your actions have brought this upon you.”

We, as a nation, and individuals have been called according to God’s purpose and not our own. He has set us apart for His glory and we need to return to our love; both as individuals and as a nation.  We need to desperately plead with God to ”return to us The joy of your salvation.” (Psalm 51:12)

Every nation throughout history that has turned their back on God and Israel has experienced destruction, and we are on that same path.  We need to “look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith”. (Romans 12:2a) As a people, we should seek God with a broken and contrite heart, and truly pray for the nation of America!

Our future depends on it…

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