Lover or Lawgiver?

Nick Harris, Guest Writer

Does God seem to you like more of a Lover or a Lawgiver? Is your relationship with Jesus that of a courtship or a court room? While some verses are used to ‘hammer and guilt’ people into fearful obedience and duty, the overall message of the Bible is that God is love and that He reveals Himself mainly as One who seeks, saves, sanctifies, and satisfies His Bride. Even His commandments are given out of love. Every ‘thou shalt not’ is God’s way of saying, “I love you so much. Don’t hurt yourself.” Every ‘thou shalt’ is His loving way of saying, “I love you so much. Follow this way to joy.”

So often our human relationships in childhood and our religious experiences in church conditioned us to see God as harsh, distant, irritated with us, and even against us. We must let His Word shape our view of Him. Although He is surely holy, He loves us more that we can conceive. He wants to be our Lover not our Judge. Humbly and joyfully receive His love. It is gushing in your direction.

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